Bill Russell. The Consecutive title winners

Before starting his pro career, Bill Russel is the name with the expertise of taking the position of Hall of fame Basketball center & lead San Francisco & win Consecutive NCAA titles. Taking the lead of 13 years of basketball seasons, the man of glory helped to win 11 titles to the Boston Celtics in 1956.

A Brief Introduction

William Felton Russell is considered one of the supreme players in the history of the NBA. The Legend was born on 12th Feb 1934 in Monroe, Louisiana. He was suffered from many unfit circumstances relevant to the health issues. After facing many set back in his early childhood, he was a brave & kind of combatant guy & proved himself with fine talent through his keen hard work.

Bill Russell. The Champion Roster

After leaving San Francisco in a winning mode, season drafts were set to be hired on the list of outstanding young players. In 1956, Russell joined the US man Basketball team & win a gold medal at Melbourne Olympics. In the same year, Boston Celtics hired Bill Russell in their drafts season team & the coach of the team named Red Auerbach gave the remarks about his performance, that He is a real champion roster.

Russell Rebounding Force

Bill Russel is the name with expertise in taking the position of Hall of fame Basketball center. He used his physical strength to imposing the opponent’s center & as a player, he was a kind of defensive & got a highly rebounding force. He was awarded five times as an NBA’s most valuable player & making 21620 rebounds, the 2nd best score in the history of the NBA. He won eight consecutive titles for the Celtics & retired in 1969. He took over as a coach in the same year.

The Fabulous Player But Unlucky Coach

He as a player enjoyed the most winning moments & declared himself one of the finest players in history. He served several teams as a head coach for two decades but never helped the particular teams to win a single title. His last encounter was for the Sacramento Kings where he served as a president of basketball operations in the 1980s.

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