Kareem Abdul-Jabbar The Scorer

With over more than 20 years of a career that made an athlete so captivating & bouncing, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the name of leading scorer in the history of NBA all time. He represents the Los Angeles Lakers in more than an entire era of his career & won almost 5 NBA titles over 20 years.

A Grabbing Dominance with Brilliance

He was recruited to play for UCLA & led the Bruins at his early phase of the career. His way of playing & dodging skills in the field made his dominance as an emerging star player in the world of the NBA. From start to his retirement in 1989, his excellent skill of playing & rapid dodging consistently in the field made his name so popular & effective.

A Brief History With Milwaukee Bucks

He joined Milwaukee Bucks in the 2nd year of existence in 1969 to achieve the success of winning the NBA Rookie of the Year award. He was one of the most energetic players among the young debutants. He received this epic honor at the end of the season.

Famous Quote of Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Thorugh his outstanding quality of playing in the field as well as expressed his sports wisdom through one of his famous quote stated:

You can’t win until you learn how to lose

The Acceptance of Islam

His old name was Alcindor & after the 2nd year of his debut career where he wiped out the Baltimore Bullets in the 1971 NBA finals, he decided to shift his vision of religion towards Islam & adopt the name of great Kareem Abdul Jabbar which had a significant meaning of Noble & Powerful servant.

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