Wilt The Stilt

An athlete known for his skills & always makes history. Well, in the instance of Chamberlain, Wilt the Stilt, the title entangled towards the legend as he tends to make the frame of 7”1” in a single game. He made more than 30 thousand cumulative scores throughout his career.

Wilt Chamberlain, The Beginning

Wilton Norman Chamberlain, the world mostly pronounce his name as Wilt Chamberlain & through his superlative performance of making outclass frame in the game, the name shifted towards the title of Wilt The Stilt. He was born on 21st August 1936 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He got the height of 6’11& dominant brilliantly in the field.

WiltChamberlain, The Big Dipper

Due to his offensive stature in the field, his college fallows used to set many nicknames like the dipper or big dipper. The reason behind the attitude of Wilt as he used to duck his head while passing through a doorframe. He always hated being called the Stilt but he never minds. This Big dipper made his college basketball debut in 1956 & lead his team to the finals in 1957. Although his team was defeated in the finals against North Carolina. But he named himself the most outstanding player of the tournament.

NBA Rookie Of the Year

He left his college in 1958 & with his astounding talent, he was looking forward to playing the international seasons of the NBA. But he had to go through to play pro first due to NBA rules. Before making the clean spot in Philadelphia Warriors, he chose to spend his next season with Harlem Globe Trotters. He made his professional debut against the Knicks in New York City. He scored 43 points in that match. He grabbed several debut awards include NBA Rookie of The Year & NBA Most Valuable Player Awards.

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